Gyre's actions have given tNet the equivalent of a cold; gumming up the works, draining the energy, slowing data transfers, and disturbing the resonance. Unable to sense Gyre in their bodies, the members feel sluggish and paranoid. They need a fresh encounter with Her to sync their harmonies and retune the resonance of tNet.

W agrees to conduct this ceremony but he knows he is not as gifted a channel as Rose was and doubts he can transmit Her to a distributed network. To strengthen the chances of success, he asks the inner circle to gather together in close physical proximity. And maybe hold hands?

Through an elaborately decorated, mahogany framed, antique silver mirror the Headmaster, having taken his share of the prana Gyre stirred up, shifts his perspective to a very wide view. He is as close as he has ever been to infiltrating all the way to Her.

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