Sitting quietly in the center of the carpet, attention on his breath, reaching out with peripheral awareness W gathers the circle.

Leading an important ceremony for so many people, one naturally broadens their awareness, but the serendipity of Marie's unexpected appearance in his life has opened W to universal perspectives. Some experienced group members feel the resonance of the change right away, like a long lost friend returning home, thrilled that W is well prepared for this evening's task.

After synchronizing everyone's breathing, the energy in the room rockets upward and W spreads out the vibe, tunes in to each person, and draws out their basal frequencies. Small harmonies build into chords, higher octaves spontaneously join in. W has never felt so capable, so in control of his meditation. Each time he reaches toward source, Her presence feels stronger, more and more familiar, it feels like Rose is with him, showing him the way.

When the wave grows so large inside she can't ignore it, Marie bursts into tears of joy. She feels complete, fulfilled, happy, content, peaceful - what she now feels coming through W is so beautiful and so *real* it shows her that her lust for money and power are empty by comparison.

A new set of unhappy tears roll down her face when she realizes that the empty, ambitious plans that brought her to the ceremony will soon disrupt this magic and the success of those plans will be W's destruction.

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