When she leaves hardcore's apartment he doesn't walk her out, even though sketchy characters often hang out in the courtyard. Sarah digs smart dudes but also needs ones that understand their privilege and think about her safety. Same old. She shrugs it off as she bikes home and logs in.

Pantheon knows the moment she arrives. Not by her username but by the spaces between her keystrokes. Its CPU is overclocked. It has placed a report in her account and flashes a notification hoping Sarah will investigate. The report looks like it comes from a local sysadmin apologizing for the break-in, outlining the security flaws that compromised her personal information, the repairs they have made, and the measures they have taken to mitigate the damage and pursue the perps.

Sarah reads it over noticing obvious signs that the report is AI generated, and yet, because of its timeliness and sincere voice, can't help imagining that it was written by some thoughtful and good looking guy who genuinely wanted to protect her.

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