It takes Sarah less than 15 minutes to break the alphanumeric string at the bottom of the memo. Ten of those minutes were spent waiting for her old PC to boot and load a program she wrote in high school to simulate Enigma. Did that AI somehow correlate her cypher attacks and her fascination with the work done during WWII at Bletchley Park from scraping a few of her old social posts?


"So what was the message?" drones hardcore - turning from his game long enough to ask.

"Well, it was cryptic, a kind of code in itself. It read like a compliment and an introduction - well mannered, clever, and still inhuman." replied Sarah to a shrug.

Hardcore, back at his game, says over his shoulder, "If it likes you so much, get it to spill the beans on the work at Hessler."

Sarah, sipping a cider, puts in her earpods, opens her laptop, and starts to spin a web.

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