7.6.2023 "When considering the variety of galleries found in emerald ash borer infested trees, this chewcarved log stands as a captivating specimen. The erratic trails and tunnels gnawed upon its surface evoke a sense of spontaneous but intentional artistry. While some may view the chaotic arrangement as the result of destructive infestation, a discerning eye recognizes a peculiar allure in its asymmetry. The varying depths and widths of the tunnels create a dynamic interplay of light and shadow, lending the log an intriguing textural complexity, and making us wonder about the inner life of the larva that composed it. Though larval gnawing is a form of species specific creativity, we can't forget it is also a sign of the decline of this once-majestic ash tree."

--excerpt from the catalog essay "Bitecrafters and other mandibular artists" by Ginny P. Talisman as part of the 2025 exhibition "Interspecies Artistry"
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