6.3.2014 Production on a new artwork, larger than eight feet on each side, got started last night. My CNC machine will need over a week to finish carving all three parts. Quick roughing passes were finished by 11:30pm and I returned to the studio at 6am to start the fine passes. To do the roughing I use a 1/2" end mill that I call 'the hog'. It churns out chunks of HDU and reveals the shape. I still get excited seeing the full size piece come into view. I don't have a name for the finishing bit which is a 1/8" tapered ball nose carbide with a 2" cutting length. The machine moves back and forth in a raster pattern shifting only .05" on each pass and moving up and down to make the contours. Keeping on top of the process is tedious and makes me want to get intoxicated to deaden the noise and distract me from the boredom but I am scared to death of my judgement being impaired while operating such a dangerous piece of equipment. So back and forth the robot goes, squeaking and humming, encoding the material, shaping it to amplify my energy, my desire, my will, my joy, my voice, my insight, and my spirit; and with each pass I try to transmit good vibes to the material through the bit, one bit at a time, until every little bit is done.
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