6.27.2014 I remember one vivid morning from my three year old life when I was standing in our living room looking up at a table that held several boxes of breakfast cereal. My memory starts from the moment I realized that these boxes were put there for me.

"This is for me," I thought joyfully.

I knew that one of my parents had planned this, that they had put the boxes out on the table the night before with me in mind and what has made this memory stick with me for so long is that in this moment I understood intuitively that another mind had thought about me; and in thinking this thought I had to face, for the first time, the concept of 'me'. This thought pattern, repeated in my mind as self-realization, bloomed and maybe for the first time *I thought of me*; my first remembered sense of self.

I took one of the boxes, I'm guessing it was the big red box of Cap'n Crunch, and went to watch TV. My memory then jumps to sometime later when my mother's voice praised me for being a 'big boy' (and for not waking her up). That was the morning I found out who 'I' was.

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