11.2.2015 Last winter I tried to cling to the snow and cold. Spring came, of course. My thinking was this: good times are over before I know it. Three weeks in Hawaii seem like three days. Instead of hating the cold, I looked at the deep arctic weather in a unique light, appreciating the beauty of the snow, and seeing how much the kids loved to ski. Fake it till you make it, they say.

And the truth is, it worked! A long freezing two months seemed to be over in a week. The trouble is that I can't seem to slow time back down. I'm permanently stuck in high gear.

Okay, before my dad or anyone in his age group gets all wise and writes me about how time goes even faster when you get to be their age, I knooowww that, not what I'm talking about. If I look at a calendar now and see something coming up in a month, it might as well be tomorrow because that's how it feels.

My new strategy is to work the cycle the opposite way for a while and hate doing things, hate the weather, hate my obligations, and really, really wish that work was over. I'll complain bitterly about a few tedious chores and hope that time drags along. Slower will be a relief.
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