9.5.2016 I stood in front of the shag bark hickory, the one whose presence I always sense, the one I talk to and listen to, and it seemed especially alive tonight. I thought about what Christopher Alexander wrote about art being a living thing and how this tree was really and truly alive and right there with me and I thought about how it was connected to all the plants around and I had a moment of grandeur where I hoped the plants would help me get stuff and then I laughed and said to the tree. "I love you," very sincerely because I do love that tree and it seemed even more alive and said back to me, "Why are you moving so fast?" I stood there a moment or two in silence loving the tree and then moved toward the barn and the tree despaired creating in my mind an image of a wispy shadow - how I must appear to a tree that stands in the same place year after year.
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