12.25.2020 He begins life on Earth caught in a series of seemingly endless days marked with birth, death, and rebirth. Mayflies are aquatic insects belonging to the order Ephemeroptera. The Mayfly eggs release aquatic nymphs that live in water for several years. The underwater nymph ready to be reborn, after molting dozens of times, empties their guts and, filling their belly with air, floats to the surface triggering the release of wings. Only at this transition, the first adult step, does anything more than pure survival filter through his new brain. His first taste of consciousness in the world, the spark of self-awareness, the first time he is awake and knows that he is awake, is on the surface of a pond, no longer a swimmer and not yet ready to fly, alone at his most vulnerable. At this moment he needs more than instinct. This moment requires imagination. So he rests on the water, trying to visualize what has happened, what this world offers, and what is required of him, and most times, if he's lucky, he takes wing.
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