W is a whirlpool, a stable node, an ephemeral feature, emerging inseparably, within flow. Yes, W is found within the body of a mayfly sometimes, too. What is this coherence that wants to assert itself, to know itself?

This round and round cycle of mayfly birth and death seen from afar looks like a vortex, a spiral pattern appearing in spacetime. To W the rhythm of living and being reborn feels like sleep and wake. W tries to fly, follows instincts, becomes exhausted, and sees the sun set against a blue sky in a moment of self-reflection only to dreamlessly sleep and wake again in the pond.

The mayfly body decays but the awareness, the knowing, seems to cycle back into another mayfly, and another, and another. What is holding W together through these transitions? Or maybe ask, what is the nature of the flow that keeps mistaking itself for W?

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