1.3.2021 Why did W wake up suddenly in a grown body and not in a newborn baby?

Clay, freshly dug up from the ground, is not a cup ready to hold water. The clay must be mixed to remove air bubbles, thrown on a wheel creating form, dried for days, fired in a kiln, glazed, decorated, and fired again. Cleaned up and seen to be flawless, the cup is ready to be filled.

When a body has matured, is healthy, the mind sharp, able to focus, logically reason, possessing curiosity, inwardly inclined, empty of prejudices, and provided for so that studies have time to develop, the cup is ready to be filled.

W, as a vortex in conscious flow, joins the student when both are in sync. If a note is added to a musical chord the result is not more music but new harmonic resonances within the music. The student does not gain more consciousness when W arrives but finds new levels of awareness within consciousness. When the student and W resonate, they are inseparable.

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