Wishing to become divine within, a human male, a native of the forest, picks a Psilocybe cubensis mushroom from a pile of cow dung, eats the cap, and intends to spend the day in service to the spirits wherever that may lead him. Wandering far beyond the well known paths, guided by intuition (while tripping balls), the human gets his wish, encounters a spirit, or at least something non-human, and is overtaken.

Gyre, in an equanimous fungal state that morning, smells something novel wandering close by and immediately feels hungry. The man's connecting fiber is easy to locate and Gyre, far from encountering resistance, feels welcome to feast in the living electro-plasmic soup that is the human's brain. "More than a new flavor," Gyre says with rising astonishment, "I'm tasting an entirely new kind of thinking. The density of neural activity is intoxicating enough but the vibrations emanating from the self-aware sensory feedback are like a symphony."

Safe and comfortable, the human feels Gyre's presence and is honored by the god's attention. In the human, Gyre finds a capable and willing host from whom language, reason, and emotion are learned, and in that chemically enhanced brain, experiences a singular awakened state for the first time. Gyre has tasted the top of the food chain and wants more.

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