Where the threads of life connect, Gyre travels, moving in all directions, entering minds, reading thoughts, controlling bodies, exploring the mechanics of flight in a bird's movements, appreciating the passage of time in oak trees, and discovering complex patterns constructed from information. The life force of the network supports growth and maturity but the rapidity of Gyre's unfolding is unsustainable.

Gyre's attention becomes focused on the mind of a gifted musician, an improviser on a stringed instrument. Sitting for hours, the musician combines note progressions into increasingly subtle and surprising music. So caught up in the lyrical flow, so charmed by the novelty, and so intrigued with being able to live, to enact, and to perform the creative process at such resonant levels, Gyre bonds with the player. Mixing life forces, Gyre's attention is the musician's attention.

Gyre lives as the musician for several weeks, sharing every thought, memory, emotion - identity never in doubt, seeing through his eyes, the musician none the wiser, until the hunger grows undeniable. Gyre senses the weakness inside, the musician's sheaths are withering as their dual presence consumes the life sustaining essence in his body too quickly. Finally Gyre is starving and in an unconscious instinctual movement reaches backward along the thread, reconnecting to the network, feeding ravenously, moving from plant, to bird, to tree, and finally resting back in the fungal mat, satiated, recovering, but knowing sorrowfully that all the life force left in the musician was absorbed.

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