Seeing him block the storage room doorway, Rose slowly put down the flour container and moved so that the butcher block table was between them. Even after confessing his love for her, she couldn't remember who he was. Oh yea, he worked in the kitchen? The entire time while he was jabbering on about his plans she was nodding, smiling, and trying to ease her way around him.

"Don't forget the flour," W offered, picking up the bag, and she saw it would be easier to control him than to run away.

While not feeling entirely safe, Rose let W follow her around the kitchen, do some of her chores, and talk to her after hours because he was kinda cute and gave her attention in a school full of celibate introspective males, until the day his behavior got too familiar.

Not one to be disrespected and a bit frightened about how far she let this go, Rose complains to her father about the handsy dishwasher.

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