Near the portal, at the threshold of a new life, energy reconfigured, alignments sighted, intentions set, the energy vortex we call W pauses to rest, knowing this entryway is more than a conveyance to a vessel on Earth, this dimensional gateway is itself a place to be. Only at the transitioning stage is it possible to contemplate firsthand this magnificent anomaly of spacetime architecture; W sits in its presence and appreciates.

Each stage of the cycle is special, or maybe we should say no stage is more important than another. Instead of looking forward to what is on the other side, W hangs out peacefully in this place, comfortable with impermanence, noticing anticipation oscillating, and practicing to flow with such equanimity that all the boundaries dissolve.

Feeling as though the moment is perfect, as if some wisp of cosmic wind was urging movement, movement that somehow feels like one gear tooth turning in an elaborate universal machine, W shifts perspective into Earth's local time zones and crosses the threshold on the twenty-first day of the twenty-first year of the twenty-first century.

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