Beneath a familiar tree on a clear winter day, slow breezes bringing breaths of fresh air, crows calling from the sunny tops of trees, deer in long coats grazing at a distance, smelling familiar fragrances of wet leaves on forest floor, sitting comfortably on a flat stone, free of anxiety, without a thought, wearing a new body, W awakens.

For several hours, maintaining a perfectly even state of mind, without motivation, W sits in fullness, content to be on Earth, knowing how and why this intervention has occurred, and further understanding how rare it is to be both awake and knowing. W breathes in and out slowly, paying attention to the sensation of air moving through nostrils and appreciating the miracle of every cycle.

While feeling no need to disturb this calm, it is only the noises of another person approaching that lead W to access the memories stored in the synapses of this new body's brain for a quick synopsis: male gender, 34, caucasian, college educated, likes the outdoors, owns hiking boots, now on a weekend outing and his friend is looking for him because it is time to eat. Over lunch W listens to his friend stream consciousness into english words, nodding as the words enter his ears and stick to his insides.

Finally noticing the shift in W's mood, "Are you okay? You are so quiet" his friend offers.

W smiles spontaneously and the light in his eyes fills them both with joy.

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