Appearing in W's dream as an aggregate of glorious golden energy against a blue silky sky, transmitting spheres filled with high dimensional information, a courier visits W bringing comfort and assistance from her.

She reminds him that his true nature is unaffected by all the student's gunk filling his borrowed body and mind, that he should teach only from his connection to source, trusting the intuitive channel he has been granted, and that he has become too attached to evaluating the immediate outcomes of his classes - things take time.

"You have started to believe that you are the body I put you in. A brain screaming, "I am" and "I want" is not you but your double pretending to exist. Don't listen to the sounds of the vehicle's engine running when you should be paying attention to the road you are traveling."

"But I want to be loved by the students, to awe them with my knowledge."

"An artist can't do better than being true to the source. Not every student meets you in the same spot. Create fearlessly and teach those who resonate."

W sees there is no escape and is surprisingly relieved. There is no getting out of TNAP. If he leaves he will only be sent back again in perhaps a worse situation. The only way to freedom is the forward escape - getting his mission done as efficiently as possible. His spirits rally. He wakes up with a really good idea for how to proceed.

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