When TNAP was planned, centuries ago, there was no internet. The idea of embedding teachers into native bodies and minds seemed like the only way to penetrate and educate a remote society; no language barriers and no fear of foreigners. Lessons could be adapted to exploit current cultural memes. What the TNAP creators hadn't anticipated was the arising of a global network of computers that would slowly undermine their goals by disseminating information instantly to those who were interested but had no teacher. The same technology that was educating was also being used to obfuscate the truth for individuals seeking out the dharma on their own.

W, browsing online and not able to put down his iPad, sees the corrupted dharma, realizes the problem, and smiles because he knows how to get TNAP back on track. Privy to the life history of his new host, W knows he has been reborn having strong technical skills, loads of connections in the social networks, and a large balance in his bank account. (Is it a coincidence that W has landed in a spot with the exact resources he needs?) Capitalizing on the education and privilege given him, W buys equipment, rents space, hires a staff, and starts up a YouTube channel that gathers over 100K followers in the first month.

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