W sits in a manicured garden and tends to the community within. Since becoming human, W has struggled to reconcile his new life, brain, and memories with the unbroken connection to her. How much should they know about each other? Will universal consciousness want to pay attention to the details of a teacher's day? How can a biological brain and nervous system interface with the multi-dimensional all-encompassing? To be able to continue teaching, W feels a meeting must take place.

W opens a thread to the infinite. The intelligent, self-aware bundle of thoughts sustained in his brain notices and also opens. Seeing the truth of reality in a raw state, the vastness of the void, and the interdependence of all things, the ego contracts, shudders, and is blown into a million laughing pieces - so happy to feel freedom. In that moment, the brain's intellect perceives its sense of self as an illusion sustained by a positive feedback loop, relaxes its grip, and the threads unravel.

Filled with compassion for all the parts, marveling at the complexity of the brain, the self-sustaining thought engine, and the amount of awareness they are able to generate, W watches the recognition spread, travels along the connecting fibers, and tries to keep himself together while singing her praises.

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