Gyre finds her by accident.

Hoping to locate a human trojan horse to attract Alpha's attention and penetrate his defenses, Gyre moves minutely along the fibers feeling for multiple spurs when the tremor passes. Had Gyre not been highly focused, carefully making touches, measuring both the pressure exerted and resistance of the fiber, observing at the level of attention necessitated by this formidable adversary, if not for this mixture of curiosity and the possibility of new powers the waves would have just passed by as noise. Few humans can naturally vibrate the fibers so Gyre risks exposure and races toward the source of the movement. Gyre can't hesitate - the source is fading.

In a cottage that is more like a converted shed, two rooms barely furnished, the smell of dust and damp, Gyre finds a woman crying, lying on a bed. She appears to be the source of the vibrations. Quiet now, Gyre scans her psyche and finds memories and traits that fit Alpha's type but no vibes. The cottage door opens suddenly and the music starts. A man over six feet tall in jeans and a hoodie takes two steps to reach the bed while raising his arm. The woman recoils in fear but also emanates needy overtones. She simultaneously dreads pain but feels less lonely, hates his aggression but needs the attention. The woman's intense but sharply mixed emotions, like notes in a chord, play a siren song on the energetic fibers. Gyre settles in for a concert thinking of how easy it will be to cross Alpha's path with hers.

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