Awakening in the garden, filled with compassion for all beings, contentment drifting through, just sitting, just breathing, just being, W rests in equanimity, seeing all aspects of all things at all times, and wondering how long this state will last and how much of this expansiveness can be shared.

"So sorry to bother you, I'm so sorry, I really wouldn't dare interrupt you if everyone didn't agree it was crucial," stammers the assistant director.

Turning slowly, head lifting, with body language that immediately puts the AD at ease, W says, "No worries." The softness of his smile convinces her that far beyond the garden walls and for the foreseeable future there really aren't any worries.

Drifting for a moment, both of them perfectly still, she remembers and pipes up excitedly, "We got the text you were hoping for."

W savors a breath of fragrant air. As beautiful and peaceful as life is under these trees, W must answer this opportunity to grow the network, this call to teach, and knows that conversations, plans, negotiations, and a return to the city are about to happen.

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