W is amused because nothing has shaken his calm. What happened in that garden? Usually leaving the solitude of meditation and reengaging with people is highly distracting but two days have already passed and he can still taste the fruit. As he moves through the workday he sees his demeanor effortlessly spread a calm confidence to his staff. "This is what I should be selling," he muses and then laughs, "Oh, it is."

The whole company is abuzz about the journey. Their small but focused media group, founded around the success of W's viral YouTube channel has expanded so much that they are now getting noticed by some big players anxious to snap them up. W, his top staff, and a few lawyers will travel, first to NYC then to LA, for sets of meetings. The numbers being thrown around stagger W but his connection to the infinite assures him that it is all ethical and necessary. TNAP is ready to go mainstream. How will he know what conglomerate to partner with? His connection assures him the signs will be unmistakable when he sees them in person.

The morning of departure W sits alone in the garden - mind clear as day, unperturbed, and sharp. He is taking a moment to savor the solitude before the demands of the trip. The car service arrives, moving through the airport, flight, traffic, hotel, and constantly in discussions, W's mind remains at peace and he starts to believe that the quiet will always be present.

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