First meeting: acquisitive media startup company centered on marketing, branding, online traffic, and merch sales
Impressions: inexperienced, undercapitalized, enthusiastic, innovative, unsure of long term goals
Disposition: centered and calm

Second meeting: old school publishing company with massive distribution network and name recognition
Impressions: loads of resources, fixed channels for distribution, lack of innovation in new media, book mentality
Disposition: centered and calm

Third meeting: venture capitalists who want controlling ownership for a large cash investment
Impressions: well connected, business will grow, hands off of daily operations, deal with the devil?
Disposition: centered and calm

A few more side meetings, coffees, drinks, fancy meals, W's people talking to their people, and after appropriate protocols, gifts, and follow up texts, all lasting for a few days, they pack up and head to LA for the next round.

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