First meeting: old school talent agency focused on vertical marketing of personalities including celebrity endorsements
Impressions: hip, well connected, boundary issues, able to set up multiple cash flows, wide network, online savvy
Disposition: centered and calm

Second meeting: tech VC group, interested in acquiring content for startups and developing new platforms, possible partnerships
Impressions: ready money for the right synergies, very collaborative, speculative audiences
Disposition: centered and calm

Third meeting: a private consulting firm offering bespoke business plans - highly successful and very exclusive
Impressions: she wore a blue suit and matching blue silk scarf
Disposition: heart rate off the charts

The team had plenty of different ideas to discuss. What was the right way to market W and grow the YouTube channel? Thinking strictly about business through the whole process and not feeling strongly about one proposal over another, W could only remember the blue silk scarf that shattered his tranquility. Was that the sign?

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