W stays behind in LA while the team returns home because separating from her isn't imaginable. Besides the uncontrollable feedback loops of cosmic energy her proximity induces, the undeniable basic human physical attraction between them, and their shared business goals, his immediate strong feelings for her cause him to lose and then regain his equanimity. W is certain she is a cohort, sent from another age, incarnated as part of the group enacting TNAP.

W arranges a private meeting and she arrives in a shifted demeanor, no longer the businesswoman, now carrying the air of a warrior. He orders them drinks and begins the small talk but soon W notices a change. This time when she speaks W hears her true voice.

"Is it you? Do I recognize the energy? Tell me the truth about who you are. What is your real name? Do you have a strategy? Can we advance TNAP? What will we make of our lives?" W overloads her with questions, knowing the two of them are destined to join forces.

She sips a martini and replies with a sly smile that answers everything at once, "La vie en Rose."

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