"Seeing you disappear over the edge of that cliff and die was a death for me too" Rose begins, taking W's hand into hers, sitting next to him in a booth at his LA hotel bar, and neither having any other thought than to be together.

"Your death shattered my world but forced me out of my ignorance. I woke up to the depth of suffering that was possible in this world when I found myself in the midst of such pain.

The teacher who tricked me into conspiring against you turned on me lest I implicate him. Thinking to punish me he had me dismissed from the kitchen, saying I needed time off to grieve.

I began to sit outside the classrooms listening to the talks and soon discovered the benefits of practicing what the teachers were pointing out. Meditation in that state of grief was effortless - a joyous relief, and soon I was receiving much more transmission than the boys like you who were in school for the wrong reasons. I practiced in solitude for five years then asked to be formally admitted. I was not allowed because of my gender until I proved to the headmaster that my abilities were real."

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