Rose and W, living together for two years, sitting at a table in the bigger room of a one bedroom, midtown, 34th floor, expensive but rent stabilized, NYC apartment, both busy drawing, pencils on paper, open to what arises, are listening to Krishna Das chant a traditional Hindu prayer remixed with a rock ballad.

Rose looks up softly into W's eyes and with a slight smile sings along, "I want to know what love is..." Taking the hint, W sits up, puts down his pencil, clears a space, and rests both hands on the table. Rose puts hers on top of his, heels in palms, fingers on wrists with just enough pressure to feel a pulse and the heat starts to move, having discovered that they can simultaneously experience love for Her through the other's connection to the infinite.

Thus positioned they open to each other and this glowing power from beyond travels in a positive feedback circuit through their bodies. An expansive love arises: a joy of life, devotion to the entity they've become, compassion for all beings, reverence for the one who animates them, and the deepest love for the light by which they see the world.

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