Sitting quietly, holding hands, entering a fused meditative state, Rose and W, feeling lost with all their recent setbacks, ask Her for guidance, begging for full honesty about the purpose of their mission.

She responds, "Your mission is to awaken hearts."

This is the full message but W and Rose do not respond, need more details, and so she continues, "We must soften hearts at this very moment in human history when the people in a small demographic have disproportionate control of wealth, weaponry, and political influence. The most advanced medical science, the redistribution of capital, sensitivity to the environment, and the spread of knowledge, are incredible intellectual achievements, and yet the access to them that would benefit all beings on Earth, hinges on collective kindness."

"You have been brought to this era when global action is necessary, a moment when either everyone or no one survives this century. We know how to end global hunger, genocide, inequality, tyranny, indeed all the forms of suffering. We have sufficient resources. We only lack the resolve to share, to care, and to risk our own level of comfort for another's benefit."

"Your words must be seeds in want of fertile soil. Appeal to the hearts of your millions of online followers and let the attitude spread. Create memes for a mindset of non-separateness. Wake up the natives of earth! Wake up people's natural intuition, their love of natural resources, the human desire for beauty, show them that the land, water, and air are treasures which belong to everyone. Humans have a moment on Earth, this moment, to take notice, to choose kindness to each other, to enrich the planet, to expand outside of the individual, to wake up and fight!"

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