When water mixes with dirt, does the water get dirty or does the dirt get wet? A third thing emerges called mud. Marie and Gyre, two distinct entities, have become mud (merged until demise). Gyre identifies as the human being named Marie and Marie believes the new powers she has discovered belong to her. They are both happy with the situation and mistaken about it.

Having lived powerlessly for so long, Marie now becomes aroused by controlling others, ultimately extracting their life force. A delicious feedback loop has formed, driven by psychological manipulation and hunger. Marie uses her corporate bureaucracy to inflame masses of people. Highly agitated resistors come forward, serving themselves up on a prana smorgasbord. Gyre feeds on a grand scale, enjoying the taste of inflamed psyches with the spice of Marie's sadism.

The emergent entity Marie and Gyre have become is ruthless, acquisitive, and ready to hunt Alpha.

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