What disposition arises in a person who only knows want? Always living alone and hungry, sharing the minds of equally needy people, and giving as much pain as he receives, Alpha is schooled in hate and very little else.

Alpha hates out of habit, hates because it makes him feel better to despise those who are more comfortable, those more entertained with their lives, and those who are more peaceful inside because they are loved. His ability to move from human to human only amplifies his isolation. Alpha's greatest goal is to break apart the patterns in the fibers that connect living things.

When Marie meets Alpha she mistakes his ignorance for aloofness. She wants to find a way to revenge herself on him and all the other self-absorbed assholes who abused her in the past. Knowing her intuitive mind can control this human, she sends him to the shack she used to live in to make a collection.

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