The most probable outcome is Roy taking a beating. Marie wants revenge on her ex.

Mentally stimulated from his very recent awakening, Alpha listens and learns. Roy talks a lot when he's drinking. The droning of Roy's voice mixes with the constant hum of Fox news. Occasionally Roy and Tucker share a word: inability, warned, protection, accuse. Alpha feels like his thoughts are being articulated for him as he sits in a folding chair and nods. From the recliner by the TV, Roy rants. Alpha nibbles on the rage prana, then tasting something spicier beneath the rage decides to glide inside for a closer examination.

Alpha doesn't expect the noble pride he finds around Roy's heart. Seen through Roy's eyes, the yellowing wallpaper, dirty appliances, threadbare furniture, worn down knock-off oriental carpets, loose doorknobs, cracked window panes, and other accoutrements are signifiers of his impassioned austerity. His furnishings almost glow with self righteousness.

Roy's rants are delivered with ironic critical distance. Living poorly is his way to resist government control, avoid manipulation by lefty media, and stay connected to his body. Roy is a new age zealot, an OG patternist, hell bent on preserving the essence, breaking the constraints of corporate society, and exposing the controlling narratives.

The twists in Roy's mental pathways give Alpha a headache so he withdraws, shakes his head, gets up, gives Roy a beating, and goes home.

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