With Gyre acting as her network into the minds of humans, Alpha able to shield her from attack by stinging anyone who tries, and Roy being used as her tool to recruit OGP followers, Marie finds herself consolidating a position of absolute power.

Old Guard Patternists (OGP) are a splinter group of patternists who broke from the main cult but claim precedence and are hell bent on restoring Earth's original order. They point to the scientifically measurable difference in physical strength between men and women as the true natural design. OGP wants to change social values and community laws to reflect this basic fact: men are stronger than women. With lots of large families in small communities, supporters of OGP tend to be an inbred bunch, dangerous because they make decisions based on their beliefs and at the expense of critical thinking.

Roy gathers the OGP troops and spreads the doctrine. Alpha serves as the general, overseeing these tiny, local militias. Still unable to speak full sentences, Alpha is revered as a man who keeps his own council.

Alpha, in turn, is controlled through the fibers by Gyre and Marie. The entities control the people because parallel worlds share the same life force. Marie is building a movement.

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