The network expands. Influence starts small and locally: a municipal government, a sheriff's office, a social club, but nodes begin to form spontaneously in statehouses and courthouses. Marie watches her influence grow and money start to flow in from selling merchandise and influence. Gyre builds the OGP fibers into cycles to contain the network and make it easy to feed on the feedback. These connected pools of living resources start to function like well stocked fish ponds ready to harvest.

Another level up, three stories to be exact, overlooking the streets of NYC, in a tastefully decorated classic six on the upper west side, the headmaster stares down into an antique clawfoot bathtub filled with glowing water, hungrily observing the progress of Gyre's fish farm.

Control of the OGP is complex because the evil runs so deep. Beyond the leaders, handlers, strategists, lawyers, and bag men lies an emergent network born of suffering. Living things suffer when they "want what they don't have" or "have what they don't want." The headmaster smiles because this network of suffering generates his food and he doesn't believe it will ever be stopped.

"There is no end to suffering until all suffering is gone," he contentedly muses, "and where are the bodhisattvas?"

Downtown in Chelsea, just returning to his studio with a sesame bagel and black coffee, ready to give his online dharma talk, W's ears are burning.

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