Pools upon pools upon pools grow in the landscape. Marie is convinced all the power is hers.

Through the guidance of Marie and Gyre, the OGP internet memetic campaign begins, making initiates of those who will hear their message. City by city, town by town, their rhizomatic fascism spreads. There is no front line in a war like this, or maybe, more correctly, every screen is a front line. No beaches to storm, no cities to bomb, not a single way to confront an enemy whose ideology and power emerge from the popular opinion culture they feed.

The soldiers are wherever in the world they happen to be. Stop the organization in one place only to see it pop up in ten more. Worse than poison ivy, distributed war through the internet leverages universal hate, spreading it globally to small groups that activate locally.

Memes aren't stopped by critical thinking when the indoctrinated are entertained.

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