Why do they gather around Rose?
What is this attractive power?

Rose, like most empathetic humans, can sense connections between living things. Humans need to share energy to keep the fibers healthy. Who hasn't noticed the heightened state we get into when we exchange emotional dialog with someone we love?

This kind of human connection fascinates Rose, she wants to explore further, so she makes the fibers the object of her meditation. Lingering in the expanded state beyond inside and out, she imagines the connecting fibers as thin rays of light, a global set of psychic fiber optics. In deep concentration her visualization practice can last for hours. Without attachment or desire for outcome, sensitive to the tiny pulses she feels in her solar plexus, allowing those pulses to be sent and received as data, her visualizations move from imagination to reality.

After many months practicing she can read a person. She doesn't know the content of their thoughts but she can see where their energy is stuck, gaps in their self image, the feeling they most want, and what form of energy they are likely to receive. Any attempt at manipulation, distortion, or control instantly dissolves the vision. Her compassion or "metta" for the person engulfs them both.

TNAP followers begin to tune into her state, first online, but many start to show up to see Rose in person. Anyone near Rose when she meditates is likely to be read by her and everyone reports that this engulfment is blissful. A lasting feeling of loving kindness blooms in them. Rose is called on by TNAP to teach, and she does, but this is only the beginning of her mastery of the fibers.

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