They arrive first in groups of twos and threes, larger groups follow. The online masses flock to darshan with Rose. She sees everyone and they see her. Rose soon has to relocate these gatherings from small rooms to high school auditoriums to a full size theater with balconies. Hundreds of people sit in silence together as Rose's deep empathy merges with them. Everyone leaves peaceful and refreshed.

When a session starts, Rose is already meditating onstage. She used to wait and begin by connecting to each visitor individually but these crowds are too big. To accommodate the crowds, Rose places her attention on the fibers first. The image that grows in her mind changes at a certain point from random rays to a bright cylinder. The critical shift seems to happen when approximately 120 people, who are sitting quietly and meditating together, all reach access concentration. At that point the cylinder stabilizes in front of her and she can interact with it using her intentions.

When this luminous ground first opened to her during a performance one night, just after the crowds got large enough, she was frightened and her fear was instantly transmitted to her audience, this made her gasp, the cylinder shimmied in response, she giggled, and the audience glowed. Rose glowed. She discovered that the concentrated, interactive fiber bundle, arising from group interaction, is more efficient than solo readings.

Her expertise in fiber manipulation grows. Her reputation grows. Before long she is appearing in her own wardrobe and makeup in front of several thousand visitors. Because it takes longer to settle this many people into deep concentration she hires opening acts to lead breathing exercises and guided meditations. By the time the crowd is sufficiently concentrated and Rose reaches the stage, everyone is wide open and the glowing cylinder of fibers has expanded beyond the diameter of a hundred year old oak.

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