In retrospect, Rose appearing alone onstage, in trance, while manipulating hundreds of people, was totally unsafe.

W is convinced that the violent forces attacking TNAP have superior psychic weapons. He estimates that TNAP is outnumbered by a significant margin. His assessments dishearten Rose.

"Why are the thinkers always outnumbered?" Rose expresses the burden of the underdog.

"Stupid is easy, crowds are safe. Thinkers debate a variety of ideas and appear splintered. Loyalists cling to one idea and look unified." W offers.

"Why are our good intentions seen as threatening?"

"Any group that questions everything will eventually question authority." W can't be more direct. "There is no doubt about it, they attacked us and they will be back. We need to prepare. Even if we never heard it directly from Her, this confrontation is what we incarnated here and now to settle."

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