Second step: right action, right intention, right resolve.

Creations are marked with the intentions of the creator - some intentions known, some unknown, and some discovered in the process.

The intention of TNAP (The North American Project) is to appear on Earth and raise the collective awareness at a moment in time when ignorance has become lethal to life. Resolved to wake up individuals and show them that positive environmental, social, and political changes are not only possible but necessary, TNAP will take action for the systems that can't speak for themselves.

OGP (Old Guard Patternists) arise spontaneously out of greed, disenfranchisement, and hunger for power. Never having anything more than instinctual intentions, the goals of their actions center around immediate personal gains.

Global populations are too large, resources are too scarce, and communications are too immediate to keep these two forces apart. One force with noble intentions meets another only out for itself. One force that is resolved to restore flow to the system confronts an other that doesn't see flow and will blindly take from whatever gives satisfaction.

The result of open awareness meeting uncontrolled attention is suffering.

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