So much rhetoric going back and forth every day, name calling, resistance to change, offended, spiteful, hateful, proud, disdainful, aloof, the forces so intermixed, the causes so murky, the positions so unclear, the players so lost at sea that no one knows how far away the moral ground lies.

The environment is dying and not coming back. Sustainability is a wonderful idea that will be subsumed in the teeth of the machine. Climate never stays the same anyway. This is not what Rose is fighting for. Her success is bringing her students to a perspective that remains steady despite global change.

Undeterred by the technical problems that Alpha has thrown at them, Rose's followers persist, regroup, and thrive. It is only through being okay with themselves that they have any hope to make others okay. If they apply pressure, resistance forms, then they have to deal with a counter push.

Their training is not about the damage they can inflict on Alpha but about seeing the dance they are doing with him. A large carnivore is frightening to everything but a swarm of insects. Alpha lashes out but is unable to overcome the masses of TNAPers and begins to get weary and frustrated. Coordinated group effort is a way to disarm a centralized threat.

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