Alpha is not strong enough to overpower Rose and not clever enough to outwit her; even using all his non-human abilities.

Marie/Gyre know it is time to take over the fight. Marie carries the ideals of OGP wrapped in her personal trauma. Caught in her own delusions, Marie plans a face to face meeting with Rose where she wants to use political muscle to force her to cease the performances. Gyre is a master of the fibers and during the meeting plans to disrupt the network of Rose's followers knowing their input is her source of power.

Rose knows that neutralizing Alpha is not the end of the attacks on her and suspects that a more formidable foe is coming. She doesn't want to wait and be surprised. She and W strategize how they will encapsulate and reverse OGP's impending attack. They have no doubt that their enemies have a connection to source the way they are connected to Her. Their goal in the next battle is to trace that connection and sever it if possible.

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