One Monday afternoon on 8th Avenue near 22nd Street, just outside of the Venus Diner, W and Marie cross paths, exchange glances, and don't recognize one another, but share an unusually strong attraction.

Thursday evening, both downtown having a drink with a friend at Florent, for a few moments across the crowded room their eyes lock and they feel the same tug.

Late Saturday night in the pouring rain, leaving a meeting with members of tNet, W spots a cab about to let out a passenger and crosses the street to grab it. Just as he arrives the cab door opens and Marie exits, glances back, smiles, and dashes off before they both get soaked.

Instead of being mad at missing an opportunity to speak to her, running after her like a stalker, or trying to play it off as another coincidence, W relaxes for the ride home and has no worries he will see Marie again because, he thinks, "This inescapable convergence obviously operating will inevitably pull us together." Marie, walking dreamily to her apartment, now enjoying the wetness of the warm rain, thinks exactly the same thing.

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