Marie takes calls all morning in her apartment, leaving after a light lunch to meet the marketing team in person for a video edit. The numbers they show her are convincing: once someone surrenders to the OGP mindset they almost never switch positions. The videos she and her team create plant dark seeds in the viewers cognitive cycles. The videos make the viewers feel good about their beliefs and offer guilt free, even humorous, ways to hate on others.

The basal code words the videos implant are "haw, haw, haw" being the level of laughter one experiences when an enemy is publicly humiliated, giving the viewer a peak feeling of superiority. This peak shift from winning amongst equals to eliminating the other fertilizes the OGP grassroots movement.

From an edit suite on the thirtieth floor of a midtown office building, the codes are built that will make suburban parents into zealots driven by fear. The path is so clear, the message so easy, the audience so begging for a concrete message to believe in, that all Marie has to do is nod, laugh, and rake in contributions.

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