About an hour before the show, W slips downstairs, around the corner, and into a booth at the local pub. The plan is to have a quick bracer to steady his nerves and then head right back to the room where the ceremony is happening. Someone else, also in the neighborhood for the ceremony, also in equal need of calm nerves, decides to stop into the same pub, so when W gets served and looks up, there is Marie, the woman he has crossed paths with so many times, sitting at the table across from him. Their eyes lock and now there is no excuse. They don't know anything about each other but they both know that all these months of missed connections are over.

Hearts racing, they sit together and pass through those awkward questions that any couple who have been orbiting each other but have never spoken must ask. Where from, what do, your name, are you single? They enchant each other - the attraction is strong. Both admit that they are previously booked that evening for something very important, something they must really leave for soon so they are on time, but they change numbers and promise to have coffee together the very next day. When they rise to go, W offers his hand and when Marie reaches out they feel the shock of static electricity jumping between them. "Positively charged," they say simultaneously and laugh.

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