W says a last goodbye to Marie at the bar and leaves on the hop, hustling back to the room to be on time for his ceremony. He needs to put this unexpected meeting with Marie out of his mind and give his full attention to the task at hand or he will never succeed in channeling Her. The tNet members are used to being in trance with Rose so he must perform brilliantly!

"Why, out of all the missed connections, did I finally meet her today? Why does everything happen all at once?" W is excited about the show and appreciates the critical importance of reconnecting tNet to Her - strengthening tNet and preserving his whole mission, but to be honest, he feels equally excited about coffee with Marie tomorrow.

Marie stops at the bar restroom to gather herself - her emotions are split now between the mission at hand to take down tNet and this new connection with the first man she's had any interest in since moving to New York City. She must focus on the next hour - a defining moment in her plans, and pick up the possibility of romance after. She checks in with Gyre - spring loaded inside, adjusts her jacket, and heads to the showdown with tNet.

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