By the time Marie enters the room for the ceremony a tall man in a gray suit and tie is waving his hands, making small announcements, and encouraging everyone to sit down. The room is nicely sized for about 20 people. In the center, covering most of a dark oak floor, is a beautiful Turkish carpet with an interlocking mandala design of cadmium red and ultramarine blue. Wooden armchairs are arranged around the mandala, red upholstery to match the carpet. Marie finds an empty chair and sits down comfortably.

The speaker finishes his perfunctory remarks and starts the business of introducing the leader of the ceremony. Marie is shocked to see W entering the circle, placing a chair in the center of the carpet, and taking a seat. W slowly looks around the circle, taking a moment to make eye contact and acknowledge each participant. When he catches Marie's eyes they share a look of surprise.

Before this ceremony, W had never met any tNet members in person. He doesn't suspect that Marie is anything but a loyal supporter and is thrilled at the coincidence of meeting her at the bar earlier and now her being here. He gets the idea that the synchronicities of their multiple near misses and chance meetings confirms that they are meant to be together. Seeing Marie at the ceremony raises his energy for the show sky high because he knows how intimate they are about to become.

Marie is flustered. Shocked that W is involved with tNet and more so when it becomes apparent that he is the channel they are there to infiltrate. It dawns on her that the mission now requires her to immediately betray her new crush, the guy she waited for weeks to meet, and just got to talk to today. Frustration, anger, and bewilderment mix with ambition, lust for power, and her obsession with sticking to plans.

Gyre does not share her emotion; coiled and ready to pierce tNet's source. tNet and OGP are struggling over the world now and the action is set to begin.

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