How do we inspire a caring attitude in a collective mind? How do we get through to an an emergent being, an entity springing out of all of us, one that seems equally happy to hurt or to heal?

Why doesn't human dialog reach the meta? For any position we take, no matter how moral, justified, objectively, provably true, there will be some who oppose it - if only to be contrarian voices. For every expansion enacted, a contraction follows, every change proposed provokes fear in some people and a desire not to change will arise. This back and forth stays at the human level.

How do we see emergence? A meta forms naturally and spontaneously from human actions. No individual can control the shape. Even identical collective actions produce unpredictable results. But emergence has another face. There is no emergence without conscious minds to witness it, to re-cognize the meta. How we look at what is arising, what we see as signal, what we disregard as noise, defines the emergent form and shapes the collective vision.

To inspire a universal shift to compassion, we must see in the meta what we hold most dear in our hearts.

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