"We need to train a bigger AI," concluded Michael after Laura had demonstrated her expanded visualization for the map, "one that can easily multiply and merge models."

He began drawing some diagrams on a screen and automatically turned them into working code. Then he pushed a few of the code shapes together to establish a pattern. The system replicated his pattern thousands of times and aggregated the patterns.

Michael made several hand gestures to rotate the aggregate, studied it from all sides, then shook his head and looked into Laura's eyes. "I think there are some pretty hard limits. Even with our upgraded agent model I don't know how the system gets outside of itself."

Her warm smile made the tops of her rounded cheeks rise, narrowing her eyes in a way that told Micheal she knew what to do. Resting her fingers on his forearm and returning his gaze, "No, not a bigger AI," she said, "a family."

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