Sarah bikes over to his apartment so that she and hardcore can spend the afternoon and most of the night running scenarios. It's not the security breaches that bother them, they can both move through walls, it's the speed and breadth of the attack that doesn't add up. Was she set up?

They toy with the idea that Sarah is being targeted by someone in government with wide network access. But why? Payroll at Hessler Research is minuscule and the Feds don't stake out shoplifters. Hell, the lab doesn't even have any security clearances so not the NSA.

After a round of frustration sex, the type where giving up is not an option but neither is satisfaction, she stares at the ceiling. Replaying for the tenth time the uncanny fluidity of the hack, an idea trickles in to Sarah's head that the guy behind this is not a guy at all but an AI.

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