"The guardrails failed. I've halted operations so we can clean this up."

"But Michael, how serious is the payroll thing? IT posted that the break-in was traced to an outside IP - some hacker?"

"It's not the money, Laura, or the security key leaks, or the database inconsistencies, Pantheon is full on hallucinating. The map has left reality. Have you looked lately?"

"Nice one. You know that I've been pitching to VCs all month. How did you first spot the damage?"

"Vic and I wrote a scanning tool that compares map data to outside sources and the two have been steadily diverging since the break in. I'm telling you, Pantheon is just making shit up."

"So what's the plan? Pause Pantheon, purge the LLM, realign the database to fact, install higher guardrails, and tighten security?"

"I'm already on it"

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